New Book Coming Soon!

From Adversity to Adventure – Courage – The Mark DeMontis Story is a first person tale of perseverance over sight-loss as an aspiring teen from the hopes of a pro career in hockey to battling the realization of a new life.

Stories from the road, inline skating across the country while building Courage Canada, to hosting a national television series and even running in a provincial election for the very people who helped him along the way.

The book vibe is similar to hearing a teammates beauty story in the locker room – easy for any reader or listener to be captivated by moments of darkness and triumph. This is the heartfelt story of a Canadian teen who was willing to see how far he could go to live life with passion and purpose while never forgetting his roots and his reasoning.

Mark DeMontis front book cover
Mark DeMontis back book cover

To learn more of Mark’s story, watch CTV’s W5 episode Hockey Visionary with Lloyd Robertson.

A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to:

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